Monday, July 21, 2014

TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel: Product Introduction and First Impressions!

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I just love trying new and innovative skincare! Today I am sharing product info and first impressions for TruAge's new Skin AGE Therapy Gel. AGE Therapy Gel has a fresh new approach: it works to fight skin damage caused by something called glycation (Advanced Glycation-End Products or AGEs).

TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is a glycation-fighting formula in a light gel. This product soothes and protects your skin while also repairing stressed or damaged skin and improving your skin's appearance.

This is a first impressions review. My plan is to share my initial thoughts on this product as well as product details and brand information with you all today. I just started using this product a couple weeks ago. In another month, I am going to be sharing a video review after using this product for about 6 weeks. So, be sure to check back for that blog post/review...especially since it will include a giveaway for 5 tubes of AGE Therapy Gel, too!

Reverse Signs of Aging Naturally:
Lets talk a bit more about glycation and the impact on your skin. AGE Therapy Gel works to fight the signs of aging caused by glycation. Glycation occurs in your body when excess sugars in the bloodstream bind with proteins in the skin, causing stiffness and inelasticity, while impairing the skin’s protective function. TruAge Skin AGE Therapy gel contains Morinda's TruAge MAX blend of ingredients: noni, Cornelian cherry, olive leaf, blueberry and cranberry extracts. These natural ingredients work by penetrating into your skin where they dissolve the excess sugars molecules (dicarbonylsand remove them from your system. This is glycation prevention. It will stop the formation of those dreaded AGEs. 

image source: TruAge

Excess sugars in the bloodstream bind with proteins in the skin causing stiffness and inelasticity; impairing the skin's protective function. 

Protects, Soothes, Repairs:
AGE Therapy Gel is more than just a lightweight gel. It fights AGEs while also soothing, protecting, and repairing your skin. I have always been a fan of gel-based moisturizers. My skin has typically really responded well to them as they can hydrate well without clogging my pores. I love that this gel formula packs an anti-aging punch in addition to being moisturizing.

What does TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel do?
  • Protects: AGE Therapy Gel creates a protective barrier against AGE
    accelerators such as free radicals, environmental damage and moisture loss.
  • Soothes: Oat kernel extract and beta-glucan provide a soothing effect on skin, reduce redness and irritation, and help to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.
  • Repairs: Carnosine has been shown to block AGE damage, protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns, and relieve dry, chapped skin. It also protects and relieves chafed and irritated skin. 

How I use and First Impressions:
As I have mentioned, AGE Therapy Gel is a clear anti-aging gel. I just started using this product and I am already a fan of the lightweight feel of this gel! It feels very soothing on my skin and gives an immediate light hydration boost to my skin while fighting glycation. The product sinks in almost instantly and leaves my skin looking smooth. Plus, this product is not just for the face! You can use it on your entire body.

The Skinny:
TruAge's Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available at the Morinda Online Store. AGE Therapy Gel retails for $42.00 for a 5 fl oz tube. This price is an introductory special offer! So, be sure to visit to learn more about this amazing product. 

Be sure to check back next month for a full video review of this product! Plus, I will be hosting a Giveaway for 5 full sized tubes of TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel!!!

Does this product intrigue you so far? I know that learning about glycation has been new for me! As always, thanks so much for reading!!!


  1. This sounds like it would be great for my rosacea, very soothing!

  2. I'm a big fan of gels. Frankly, the glycation angle doesn't do it for me and I wonder why the company wants to take on educating the consumer about it. Nevertheless, I would be very interested in learning about how it works on wrinkles and to aid in firming.

    1. AGEs or Advanced Glycation Endproducts have an effect on how we look and how we feel. So while the gel will improve the way you look and how your skin feels, by improving your inner health and reduce AGEs you will look feel and live younger longer. AGEs are the underlying cause of many diseases and illnesses. You can read more about it at or watch a short video at

  3. Looking forward to your review in a few weeks.. sometimes, these 'new advances' just don't pan out, but we all hope they really work!

  4. This sounds pretty awesome! Excited to hear about how it works out for you!


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