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Comfort Just Got Sleek: Achieve a Smooth Silouette with Jockey's New Skimmies® Slip Shorts!

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Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts – a must-have wardrobe essential:
Today we are talking about the new silhouette in underwear: the Jockey Skimmies® Slipshorts! What are they exactly? Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts are underwear with the cut of a short that covers like a slip to provide you with a completely smooth, modest, and seamless finish with a comfortable feel. The Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts were designed to give you confidence with your fashion! They give you the freedom to look and feel more stylish while moving effortlessly and with total comfort as well as confidence that you are covered.

A Whole New Kind of Underwear: Comfort and Wear:
The Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts offer us a new way to think about underwear. I can honestly say that I don't have any other items in my lingerie wardrobe that are even remotely similar to these! I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like wearing these. Jockey® brand endorser Rachel Zoe states, "Comfort should always be glamorous, and glamour should always be comfortable." I couldn't agree more! Be sure to check out the Zoe Report

When I first saw these, I thought that they would be hot to wear. I am happy to report that they are actually not hot at all to wear. I find the fabric to be quite breathable. This is a good thing with the Summer GA heat ahead!

Seamless Construction: Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts Solve VPL Issues!
One of my biggest raves about the Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts is their seamless construction. I absolutely abhor panty lines. Even with my strives to prevent VPL (the dreaded Visible Panty Line), I often was a culprit. Sure, thongs will prevent VPL. However, I often opt for comfort (instead of a thong) and my standard cotton hipster panties definitely leave VPL. When you wear Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts under your shorts, pants, dresses, or skirts, you are eliminating the VPL problem. Your silhouette will be 100% smooth! No lumpy panty lines to disrupt your fashion!

There is no question, these give full coverage. This is where the "slip" aspect of the product comes in to play. I can feel confident that everything is covered when I am wearing something sheer like a sundress or a semi-sheer maxi skirt. On me, the fit of the regular length goes almost to the knee. So, these are best worn with skirts, dresses, and shorts that hit longer than that length. However, I must mention that they do have a shorter length available. I will need to check those out!

Okay, the Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts are just ridiculously comfortable! Honestly, you forget that you are even wearing them. Also, as someone prone to allergies and irritation from certain fabrics (like wool), these Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts provide a nice layer between you and itchy fabrics.

The Skinny:
Here is the low-down on the Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts:
  • 2 Lengths available: Regular and Short
  • Many Shades available: from basic neutrals, black, and white to fashion colors. You can totally coordinate with your outfits!
  • Fabric & Construction: Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts feature moisture-wicking fabric, seam free design, cotton gusset on inner thigh to prevent chafing. 
  • 3 Styles available: Original, Wicking, and Anti-Static
  • Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts retail for $20.00 each

Want to hear more, please be sure to check out my video review of the Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts:

Be sure to check out this video from featuring the Jockey Skimmies® slipshorts.

This spring (May 27, 2014 – June 20, 2014), Jockey will challenge America to “Seize the Day in Skimmies®” and expand their comfort zones with a series of fun and fashionable daily challenges using the hashtag #SkimmiesPromo. Everyone who participates will have a chance to win a free pair of Skimmies® slipshorts and other great prizes.

Details on challenge rules, prizes and entry can be found here

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Favorites from tarte High-Performance Natural Cosmetics: Amazonian Clay Blush and Bronzer

Have you ever checked out tarte cosmetics? Tarte's high-performance natural line has some of the best pigmentation on the market! I have tried a variety of items from the line through the years and thought I would share today some of my current go-to favorite products from the brand!

tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush:
There is no question, tarte knows how to do blush! Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes truly live up to their name. Not only are these blushes incredibly long wearing, but also their pigmentation is really spectacular. Plus, the color stays true all day.

According to tarte, these blushes are infused with clay from the Amazon river and they are naturally baked by the sun. They feature a fade-free formula in a variety of finishes that work for many skin types. The clay actually works with your skin to minimize oil and and balance the skin!

I currently have two Amazonian Clay Blushes from tarte in my makeup collection. Both of mine are "mini products". One is a limited edition shade from their Holiday kit a couple years ago and the other is one of their best-selling shades that I got from a little tarte sampler kit from Ulta (I believe). 
  • tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in dollface: This is one of tarte's bestselling shades and also an Allure magazine award winner! This light pink matte blush gives the most beautiful pop of pink to the apples of my cheeks. Plus, this shade goes so nicely with my super fair and somewhat cool-toned coloring. 
  • tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in adventurous: This is the limited edition blush that came in one of their Holiday kits. This is a warm rose blush with a bit of shimmer. I think that this is one of those universally flattering shades that would look great on many people! 

tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer:
This bronzer from tarte is a long-wearing mineral clay bronzer. The product has a nice shimmer or sheen to it to give you a glow as well as a nice tan color. I have the shade park avenue princess which, I believe, is the only shade offered. I got this as part of a two-piece mini kit with the blush dollface from ulta. What a great way to try out items from this line! What else is cool? This product is also waterproof and sweat-resistant! How perfect for Summer!

Have you ever checked out tarte cosmetics? If you like natural products with professional and high-end performance, then you should certainly scope out this line! You will not be disappointed!!! Are you already a tarte fan? What are your favorites from the line? I would love to explore this brand further!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The NEW Venus Snap with Embrace Razor: Cute, Portable...plus a great shave!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Venus through their partnership with POPSUGAR. 
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Have you seen the new Venus Snap with Embrace Razor? This portable razor might be the cutest little razor that I have ever seen. ;) Seriously though, as a long-time fan of the Venus razors...I was excited to try it out!

Well, I am happy to report that this little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor gives you the same great shave as the classic Venus Razor! It just has a different sized handle and a little portable container. This razor is absolutely perfect for travel or anyone who needs shaving on-the-go. The portible container is ideal for tossing into your gym bag or purse.

A great razor is a must for me. I am one of those unfortunate people who needs to shave every day. My leg hair grows thick and fast and I get ingrown hairs if I don't shave everyday. So, I need a razor that is quick and comfortable to use that also gives a super close shave.

The Packaging: The Venus Snap with Embrace Razor and Container
This little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor comes in a blue clear and ventilated plastic container that snaps shut. There are holes in the bottom to allow air to circulate so that your razor can dry. The Venus Snap with Embrace Razor is just a little over 2 inches long and has a wider handle with a flexible rubbery grip. When I first looked at this razor I thought it might be awkward to hold something so small while shaving...but, actually, it turns out it is very comfortable to hold and that the small size is honestly really easy to use and maneuver for a quick shave.

The Shave:
I am extremely pleased with the shave that I get with this Venus Snap with Embrace Razor! The razor literally glides right over my skin painlessly removing hair and leaving me feeling super smooth! The razor features five "curve hugging" blades that seem to flex right around all the contours and curves of your legs. Plus, the Venus Snap with Embrace Razor has water-activated moisture strips that give the razor a super slick glide.

Find your Perfect Razor:
Gillette Venus Razor Finder Quiz, to help women find their "Perfect Match":

Overall, I really enjoy using this little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor! I find that the design is ideal for travel/on-the-go use as well as everyday use. I sit the little container right on the shelf in my shower and if I need to take it anywhere, I can just pop it right into my bag. Besides being very portable, it also gives a great shave!

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