Sunday, March 3, 2013

Total Beauty: The 12 Best Eyeshadows

You never have to face annoying creases again thanks to these top-rated eyeshadows.

The 12 Best Eyeshadows
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The routine is always the same: You blend and blend and finally create the perfect smoky eye, only to have it melt off your lids after a few hours. Why? You've been using the wrong eye shadow. It's as simple as that. Get a budge-proof look with these top-rated eye shadows. average reader rating: 9.5

"L'Oreal's HiP line consistently proves that good things come in small packages." average reader rating: 8

"This velvety-smooth eye shadow has an ideal amount of shimmer that's not at all glittery." average reader rating: 8.5

"This modern compact will be with me if I'm ever stranded on an island."
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