Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ShopLATELY Spring Wishlist!

Have you heard of ShopLately?
ShopLately is a membership-based fashion retail website. ShopLately features great deals on trendy and current jewelry, bags, scarves, hats, shoes, clothing, and more. The site allows you to set up a profile where you can organize your favorites, recieve messages, as well as track your credits and purchases. You can also review items that you purchased.

The site offers promotional deals like their current "get a $10.00 credit" when you register with ShopLately. Plus, you get a referral link. So, you can earn a $15.00 credit each time one of your invited friends makes their first purchase with ShopLately. They also have a current Facebook invite promotion where you earn a $10 credit for inviting!

Want to join? Here is my referral link! :)

ShopLately Spring Wishlist:
Here are the latest items that I am lusting after at ShopLately. I am inspired by the Spring weather that we are getting lately. Plus, I love browsing their designer-inspired handbags! I need a new "Mommy Bag"! With a toddler and an infant, I am looking for really large tote-bag style handbags that can double as diaper bags...and who wants to spend a lot of money on a bag that is going to get spilled on? I found some great options!!! From nautical styles to cute florals and studded bags, there is really a fabulous selection! There are literally hundreds of bags!
  • Lockable Aluminum Cosmetic Train Case in Black: I used to have a train case years ago that I got rid of in one of our moves. It truely is one of the best ways to organize makeup. I have a goal of trimming down my everyday makeup basics to fit into a medium size organizer like this one. That way I don't have to dig through my whole collection for everyday makeup application. Retails for $65.00.
  • The "Gail" Tote Bag: I need a new "Mommy Bag: and this bag looks like it has plenty of room for my things as well as baby and toddler accessories. I love the pink color and the white accents with grommet detailing. 
  • The Cob & Pen Handbag with Stones: This bag is so "different" looking! It is solid faux leather on the back and the front features a lattice type faux leather overlay with rhinestone studs with a metallic fabric underneath. I would really have to see this bag in person to decide for sure. However, it looks super cute from the pictures and certainly looks roomy enough for my needs. 
  • Petal Pink Striped Crinkle Gauze Infinity Scarf: A scarf for a Spring Wishlist? Yes! :) While it gets hot in Spring in Georgia, I still have use for Spring/Summer scarves. While it is hot outside, I tend to freeze when out-and-about in stores, etc with the air conditioning. Lightweight Spring/Summer gauze-type scarves are a great option for layering with tees and tanks to add a bit of warmth around the neck. Plus, they give such a special twist to a look and make it more of an "outfit"! This pink scarf is adorable and only $16.99. 
  • Go Max Berdine Sandals in Silver: Metallic sandals are a must-have for Spring! These adorable sandals are so cute and they look comfortable, too. These would go with everything: from jeans to a sundress! They retail for $24.00
  • Pave Link Braclet Bauble: Ooooh! I have actually been eyeing this bracelet in one of my favorite stores for awhile! So, I am happy that I can get a designer-inspired version of it here on ShopLately! This one is only $39.00!
  • Sadie Skater Skirt: Aren't skater skirts adorable! I am loving this trend!!! This striped Sadie Skater Skirt is right up my alley. So cute and flirty. Perfect for the Spring and Summer...add tights and it transitions for cold weather, too! :) This skirt retails for $30.00. 
So, that is my Spring ShopLately Wishlist! Lots of adorable stuff, right?!?! What is on your Wishlist for Spring? Any specific trends that you are dying to try?

Thanks for reading! Be sure to scope out ShopLately!

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  1. I can't imagine anyone looking to me for fashion advice, but I can see this being cool for those trendy girls who have style to share!


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