Thursday, May 8, 2014

The NEW Venus Snap with Embrace Razor: Cute, a great shave!

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Have you seen the new Venus Snap with Embrace Razor? This portable razor might be the cutest little razor that I have ever seen. ;) Seriously though, as a long-time fan of the Venus razors...I was excited to try it out!

Well, I am happy to report that this little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor gives you the same great shave as the classic Venus Razor! It just has a different sized handle and a little portable container. This razor is absolutely perfect for travel or anyone who needs shaving on-the-go. The portible container is ideal for tossing into your gym bag or purse.

A great razor is a must for me. I am one of those unfortunate people who needs to shave every day. My leg hair grows thick and fast and I get ingrown hairs if I don't shave everyday. So, I need a razor that is quick and comfortable to use that also gives a super close shave.

The Packaging: The Venus Snap with Embrace Razor and Container
This little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor comes in a blue clear and ventilated plastic container that snaps shut. There are holes in the bottom to allow air to circulate so that your razor can dry. The Venus Snap with Embrace Razor is just a little over 2 inches long and has a wider handle with a flexible rubbery grip. When I first looked at this razor I thought it might be awkward to hold something so small while shaving...but, actually, it turns out it is very comfortable to hold and that the small size is honestly really easy to use and maneuver for a quick shave.

The Shave:
I am extremely pleased with the shave that I get with this Venus Snap with Embrace Razor! The razor literally glides right over my skin painlessly removing hair and leaving me feeling super smooth! The razor features five "curve hugging" blades that seem to flex right around all the contours and curves of your legs. Plus, the Venus Snap with Embrace Razor has water-activated moisture strips that give the razor a super slick glide.

Find your Perfect Razor:
Gillette Venus Razor Finder Quiz, to help women find their "Perfect Match":

Overall, I really enjoy using this little Venus Snap with Embrace Razor! I find that the design is ideal for travel/on-the-go use as well as everyday use. I sit the little container right on the shelf in my shower and if I need to take it anywhere, I can just pop it right into my bag. Besides being very portable, it also gives a great shave!

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  1. This is teeny tiny and really cute! Great for trips and emergencies I imagine ;)

  2. Well, this is ridiculously cute! :-D Seems like something that would be really handy for me in the ballet part of my life, actually. Pink tights and leotards hide NOTHING, but I can never somehow be bothered to take a full size razor with me for, say, emergency touchups... (they happen - I shower in the dark in the morning, so sometimes things get missed!).

    I'm fairly certain these don't exist in this country though, sadly.


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