Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Aveeno Daily Challenge: My 3-Week Journey to Better Skin and Better Hydration!

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Spring is a great time to start new habits! To kick off Spring, Aveeno challenged their brand Ambassadors to start fresh by adapting healthy habits: three weeks to a healthier and and more beautiful you! Find out more about how I did with this 3-week challenge journey!

The Aveeno Daily Challenge:
For this challenge, I had the choice of picking one of 5 healthy lifestyle choices: sleep more, eat healthier, drink more water, de-stress/meditate/reflect/take time for myself, and daily exercise. Ideally, we should do all of these things, right? Well, this challenge is realistic. So, picking just one to focus on was a great idea. After careful deliberation, I choose the one that I needed to work on most: drinking more water! I am terrible at this! As a nursing Mom, drinking water is very important and I need to increase my daily water intake. As much as I wanted to pick the "take more time for myself" challenge, I know that my schedule wouldn't allow it just yet with taking care of both an infant and a toddler. Drinking more water everyday is a healthy habit that I need and one that I can certainly achieve in 3 weeks!

So, in addition to moisturizing every day with Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion, I embarked on my 3-week journey to drink more water every day!

My Skin:
My skin is still very dry from winter. I wash my hands frequently. So, my hands, in particular, are very dry and chapped. I am especially excited about this challenge as I will be hydrating my skin from the inside out: drinking more water *and* moisturizing more with Aveeno!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion:
This lotion is so gentle and effective for everyday use! It is a true basic that works wonders for sensitive skin. The formula is very hydrating; yet, non-greasy. I use it on my whole body: from my feet to my hands and everywhere else that needs moisture. Plus, I love that my whole family can use it.

My Challenge Motivation:
Everyone needs a little motivation when trying to adapt to a new habit, right? Well, I motivated myself with getting some new water cups. I love Tervis cups since they can keep your water cold for hours and won't leave a ring on your table. So, I inspired myself by getting a couple new ones and keeping them filled up at all times. I also set my bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion right next to my laptop in the kitchen to remind me to apply during the day (and I also have a bottle upstairs in my bathroom for application after showering and before bed).

How Did I Do on my Challenge?
I am happy to report that the challege went extremely well!

Moisturizing: I found that having the lotion out in view reminded me to moisturize more frequently. Not only did I apply lotion daily, but also throughout the day. I certainly saw improvements in the moisturization level of my skin. My body and hands are much less dry!

Drinking Water: There is no question that I am drinking more water! I keep my water cup filled throughout the day and have noticed that I fill up my cup with more water more often. My mouth is less dry and I seem to have more energy overall from being more hydrated! I am really thrilled with my personal challenge to hydrate myself more. It is such a simple thing! Being more hydrated helps you feel better overall and it certainly improves your skin over time, too!

Thanks so much to Aveeno for presenting this challenge! I think that these simple challenges would be great for everyone. Drinking more water and moisturizing daily are both healthy habits that I recommend and plan on continuing! :)

I hope that you all challenge yourself, too!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Hi,
    What moisturizing lotion would you recommend for people with oily skin? Thanks!
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